Lindsey Vonn resume todo el dolor y sufrimiento de su recuperación
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Lindsey Vonn resume todo el dolor y sufrimiento de su recuperación

Lindsey Vonn ha resumido en un vídeo todo el dolor y sufrimiento tras la rotura del brazo mientras entrenaba el pasado mes de noviembre en Vail (Colorado). La esquiadora norteamericana ha anunciado su regreso a la Copa del Mundo de Esquí  Alpino este fin de semana con las pruebas de velocidad en Altenmarkt (Austria), en el que será su primera carrera en la máxima competición de la regularidad de esquí alpino desde que también se lesionara en febrero de 2016 en el súper gigante de la Copa del Mundo disputado en Soldeu-el Tarter (Grandvalira, Andorra).

Hoy se disputan los primeros entrenamientos del descenso, en el que todas las miradas estarán puestas en el rendimiento que la esquiadora norteamericana, que busca en Austria sus primeros puntos esta temporada.

Precisamente, a las puertas de su regreso, Lindsey Vonn ha publicado un vídeo en el que se resume todo el dolor y sufrimiento que ha tenido que superar para superar la rotura del brazo hasta llegar a este viernes, 13 de enerero de 2017, en el que volverá a entrenar una prueba de velocidad de la Copa del Mundo.


I am beyond thrilled that I am announcing my return to racing this weekend! It’s been a grueling 8 weeks since my arm surgery with over 300 hours of therapy but all of my hard work is finally paying off! This video I made is very personal. I was very open with all of you regarding the bone fracture in my humerus but what I haven’t mentioned to you is the fact that I also had severe nerve damage. I have thought about whether I should share this information for a long time. In the end, I have opted to tell you because I feel my journey might also give hope to those with similar injuries. As you can see in the video, I woke up from surgery and had no function of my entire hand. I worked closely with my friend and physical therapist @lindsaywinninger and Patrick Rottenhofer every day to slowly regain my motor function. Today I am still struggling to do simple things like put on my ski glove and do my hair, but I’m at a point where I am comfortable with my hand in most situations. This has been the hardest recovery of my career to date but thankfully it has taken less time to heal than my knee injuries. After my 8 week checkup with Dr. Hackett, my bone showed significant healing and I was given the green light to start training and if I was comfortable, start racing. This is just a small piece of my journey back from rehab to racing. During the entire process I documented my progress and was also shadowed by a film crew from @eurosport . Together we captured every high and every low for my new docu-series ‘Chasing History’. It will air in February, so you will be able to see my recovery as well as watch me continue to chase history in the future. Thank you for always supporting me no matter what obstacle I face. I have the greatest fans in the world and I am very thankful. And remember, nothing is impossible. If you fall, get back up! #nevergiveup Xo Lv

Un vídeo publicado por Lindsey Vonn (@lindseyvonn) el

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